Road Closure Information 2021




On Sunday 21st November 2021, the annual Point to Pinnacle Run and Walk will be held in the Sandy Bay, South Hobart and Mt Wellington area.


This event will commence at Wrest Point Casino at 7.00am for Pinnacle and Pub walkers, and 8.00am for Pinnacle and Pub runners.  The route will be Sandy Bay Road, Byron Street, Davey Street, and Huon Road to the top of Mount Wellington, and will conclude at the summit by 11.40am.


In accordance with Section 56A of the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999, Tasmania Police advise of the temporary closing of the following roads to facilitate this event:


Drysdale Place

Sandy Bay Road from Drysdale Place to Byron Street (north bound lanes only);

Byron Street from Sandy Bay Road to Davey Street (north bound lane only);

Davey Street from Byron Street to Southern Outlet (2 x right hand lanes only);

Davey Street from Southern Outlet to Romilly Street;

Huon Road from Romilly Street to Summerleas Road;

Lynton Avenue between Davey Street and King Street;

Pillinger Drive;

Bracken Lane;

Pinnacle Road.

Stephenson Place.


Roads will be closed from 6.45am and whilst participants are on that section of roadway, or approaching such, and opened shortly after the last participant has entered the next section.  Vehicular traffic wanting to travel on or across the event route will be affected.


In the event of inclement weather and the event cannot finish at the summit of Mount Wellington, all participants will remain on Huon Road and will continue through to Longley where the event will conclude at the Longley Hotel. Tasmania Police advise should this route be utilised, then the temporary closing of the following roads will also occur:


Huon Road from Summerleas Road to the Longley Hotel affecting all side roads on this route.


Police will be in attendance to manage traffic, and will direct traffic away from the event route.