Point to Pinnacle Overeem Whisky Charity Project

Today we launched the Point to Pinnacle Overeem Whisky Charity Project. This is a 3 year project which started on race day last year when a 60L barrel was filled and will play out over the next 2 years as the barrel is pushed to the Pinnacle and then bottled to be auctioned off in a major charity event for our 30th anniversary event in 2025. We would love you all to be a part of this journey and also share the story along the way between the link of the first known race to the Pinnacle in 1903 where runners were served whisky shots at the Pinnacle “to keep them warm” before they ran back down. This is going to be a really great fun part of the event. If you haven’t registered already then make sure you are a part of this historical event. Video link below 🙂