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(01/8 to 31/10)

(01/11 to 17/11)


Point to Pinnacle – 21.1kms




Point to Pub – 10kms




Point to Pub – 10kms (with Pram)



Point to Pub – 10kms (Under 18)



Refunds are available – check out the Event Booklet for more information

See below the course maps for both the Point to Pinnacle and the Point to Pub.

See the Event Booklet for more information on the courses, as well as the contingency/alternative course for the Point to Pinnacle if we are unable to reach the pinnacle on the day.

21.1km Point to Pinnacle

The Knight Frank Point to Pinnacle run and recreational walk starts at Wrest Point Car Park, following Sandy Bay Road, left into Byron Street and left onto Davey Street at Hotel Soho. Davey Street becomes Huon Road as it travels the route to the right turn onto Pillinger Drive and on to the pinnacle of Mount Wellington. The course is 21.1km long and just over 1,270 metres in elevation. This race is physically challenging and scenically stunning.

Walkers Start: 7.00am (allowing 4hrs 40 mins to complete the course)
Runners Start: 8.00am (allowing 3hrs 40 mins to complete the course)
Finish Cut Off: 11.40am

All competitors must also have reached the following;
Southern Outlet: By 8.40am
Pillinger Drive: By 9.40am

Click on the image below to download a PDF version of the course map.

10km Point to Pub

The Point to Pub Run starts at Wrest Point car park following Sandy Bay Road, left into Byron Street and left into Davey Street at Hotel Soho. Davey Street becomes Huon Road as it travels the route to the Fern Tree Tavern. The course is 10km long and climbs 426m in elevation.

Walkers Start: 7:00am (allowing 3 hours to complete the course)
Runners Start: 8:00am (allowing 2 hours to complete the course)
Finish Cut Off: 10:00am

All competitors must also have reached the following;
Southern Outlet: By 8:40am
Pillinger Drive: By 9:40am

A shuttle bus service will be available from 9:45am leaving from the Fern Tree Tavern.

Click on the image below to download a PDF version of the course map.

Live timing and results for the 2023 Knight Frank Point to Pinnacle & Brooks Point to Pub can be found at https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/races/point-to-pinnacle-2023

The final verified results will also be published in The Mercury newspaper on Tuesday 21st November 2023.

For any timing and results queries please contact MultiSport Australia at Time@multisportaustralia.com.au

Past Results

21.1km Point to Pinnacle


21.1km Male Winner 21.1km Female Winner Full Results


Aaron Harvey – 1:26:33 Milly Clark (2) – 1:42:12

2023 Results


James Hansen – 1:25:36 Milly Clark – 1:40:22

2022 Results


Nicholas Earl – 1:23:46 Meriem Daoui (3) – 1:48:08

2021 Results


Event Not Held Event Not Held

Event Not Held


Ben St Lawrence (2) – 1:03:57 Karinna Fyfe (3) – 1:16:31

2019 Results


Ben St Lawrence – 1:21:50 (CR) Meriem Daoui (2) – 1:38:53

2018 Results


Dylan Evans (4) – 1:27:22 Meriem Daoui – 1:38:52

2017 Results


Dylan Evans (3) – 1:11:07 Kate Pedley (3) – 1:21:01

2016 Results


 Dylan Evans (2) – 1:25:49 Kate Pedley (2) – 1:37:53 (CR)

2015 Results

2014  Dylan Evans – 1:26:51 Virginia Moloney – 1:46:02

2014 Results

2013 Harry Summers – 1:24:09 Kate Pedley – 1:42:53

2013 Results

2012 Douglas Hamerlok – 1:26:09 Karinna Fyfe (2) – 1:42:05

2012 Results

2011 Scott McTaggart (2) – 1:26:12 Claire Ashworth – 1:42:53

2011 Results

2010  Scott McTaggart – 1:24:14 Jennifer Gillard (3) – 1:51:58

2010 Results

2009 Damon Court – 1:30:50 Hanny Allston – 1:40:04

2009 Results

2008 Josphat Mwangi – 1:28:10 Angela Grimmond – 1:44:44

2008 Results

2007 Mark Guy (3) – 1:35:05  Karinna Fyfe – 1:53:13

2007 Results

2006 Kim Gillard (2) – 1:27:31 Jennifer Gillard (2) – 1:44:09

2006 Results

2005  Kim Gillard – 1:25:06 Jennifer Gillard – 1:45:04

2005 Results

2004 Mark Guy (2) – 1:29:24 Emma Weitnauer – 1:58:18

2004 Results

2003* Steven Page – 1:08:20 Louise Fairfax (3) – 1:25:10

2003 Results

2002 Mark Guy – 1:28:26 Louise Fairfax (2) – 1:54:28

2002 Results


Gerard Oldfield – 1:10:11  Louise Fairfax – 1:22:41

2001 Results

2000 Rob O’Donnell (4) – 1:28:02 Heather Turland (2) – 1:44:17

2000 Results


Rob O’Donnell (3) – 1:25:26  Nyla Carroll – 1:43:35

1999 Results

1998 Tim Sloan – 1:27:47 Heather Turland – 1:39:49

1998 Results

1997 Rob O’Donnell (2) – 1:26:59 Tania-Saree Warrick (3) – 1:44:46 1997 Results
1996 Rob O’Donnell – 1:24:39 Tania-Saree Warrick (2) – 1:44:01 1996 Results
1995 John Sherban – 1:26:21 Tania-Saree Warrick – 1:43:39 1995 Results

*Alternative course due to weather

10km Point to Pub


10km Male Winner 10km Female Winner Full Results


Reece Harris (2) – 37:51 (CR) Anna Smee (2) – 46:55

2023 Results


Phillip McConnon (3) – 38:40 Alana Plymin – 45:27

2022 Results


Reece Harris – 39:06 Anna Smee – 44:57 (CR)

2021 Results


Event Not Held Event Not Held

Event Not Held


Phil McConnon (2) – 38:58 Mikayla Ireland (2) – 47.46

2019 Results


Phil McConnon – 38:13 Mikayla Ireland – 49:27

2018 Results


Nathan McLachlan – 41:40 Lisa Barnett – 49:41

2017 Results

Corporate Cup

The Corporate Cup is contested in the Point to Pinnacle (21.1km) and is won using the combined fastest 4 finishing times per team. Teams must be registered in the Corporate teams category to win the Corporate Cup.

Congratulations to all winners of our corporate Cup:







Team E.D.


JMG Engineer & Planners


Team E.D.


Event Not Held


Team E.D.


Knight Frank


Knight Frank


Menzies Institute for Medical Research


Menzies Institute for Medical Research


Knight Frank





All finishers within the time limits will receive a finishers medal and a digital finishers certificate.

All Point to Pinnacle Runners who reach the Pinnacle under 2 hours will receive a unique P2P sub 2 hour cap. This cap will only be awarded if the event reaches the Pinnacle of Kunanyi / Mount Wellington.

Point to Pinnacle
1st – $2,000 each (male & female)
2nd – $1,000
3rd – $500
4th – $250
5th – $200

Point to Pub
1st – $300 each (male & female)
2nd – $200
3rd – $100

Race Record Bonus on Offer

$1000 for the Pinnacle and $200 for the Pub (Male & Female)

Check out the Event Booklet for more information on prizes and awards.

This year we will be teaming up with RaceAtlas to provide all participants with one free race photo! You will receive a text message as soon as your photos have been uploaded along with your $19.95 coupon code! Use this code to download one free image or get $19.95 off your all photos pack at:
There will be several professional photographers out on the route, so make sure you give them a smile or a wave as you go by. Race Atlas will message you as soon as all of your photos have been processed and are ready

We offer the below team categories that will allow groups to select an appropriate way to identify their group in the event.

  • Competitive Teams (4 person – 3 categories: All male, All Female, Mixed)
  • Corporate Teams (small and large businesses – competing for corporate cup)
  • Recreational / Social Teams (People who simply want to identify as a team together and support each other)
  • Club Teams (Representing their sporting organisations)

Note: Competitive Teams of four only will be eligible for team awards and also the  Corporate Cup is being awarded to the fastest corporate team (top 4 finish times combined regardless of team size)

Apart from the Competitive Teams Category, all other team categories can have unlimited numbers in their team.

If you are fundraising for a charity you can be entered as an individual or in any team category and complete your fundraising.

Four Person Teams (male, female or mixed)
These have been the traditional Point To Pinnacle team categories and continue to provide teams a chance to compete for prestige and prizes. (Note: You must have 4 people to complete a team entry  4 x All Male, 4 x All Female, 4 x Mixed (2 male / 2 female).

Corporate and Recreational / Social & Club Teams
These categories have been created to cater for large groups wanting to compete in a range of ways, including: businesses / corporate groups, office work mates, Sporting clubs, groups running for a cause to fund-raise money for charity, training groups or for teams who just want to train together and be part of a large team on event day.

How do I create a team online?
(One person from your team should register first to set up the team)

  1. Click on Enter Now (on the P2P home page) and check the terms and conditions box
  2. Select “Create new team”
  3. Select Team Type that suits your teams needs
  4. Type in your teams name and check if you want a private, public or password protected team set up
  5. Complete your registration process following all prompts.
  6. Once you have your team set up email your team mates the team name and password (if you set one up)

How do I join a team?

  1. Click on Enter Now (on the P2P home page) and check the terms and conditions box
  2. Select “Join Existing Team”
  3. Locate your team name and click “Join” and enter Password if one is set up (your team leader will have this)
  4. Click “New Team Member”
  5. Complete your registration process by following all prompts.

It’s that simple!

So, set your team up and email your mates to join you when they are ready.

Congratulations on committing to this year’s Point to Pinnacle. The team at All Aerobics (30 years of experience), will be providing a 12 week training program to help prepare you for this year’s event. The program will provide you with the tools to guarantee you achieve your goal of reaching the Pinnacle, regardless of ability or your starting fitness level and will be adaptable to your personal needs. The program will not only help you reach your goals at this year’s event but also help steer you on course to a sustainable healthier lifestyle. Please check here each week for the weekly program.

All Aerobics offers brand new facilities (37 – 47 Melville St, Hobart) spread across three levels, with stairways and a lift which give you easy access to all areas. Every level provides multiple workout spaces that are comfortable, well appointed, convenient and inviting – giving members a great place to exercise every day. The whole complex is fully air conditioned for your comfort and features a professionally designed sound system for your entertainment. For a FREE tour of the gym & consultation, please contact Guy Franklin or Terry Moore at www.allaerobics.com.au

“How are you going to feel when you reach the top?”


Event Booklet


Click on the button below to download the Event Booklet, which has all the information you will need in one place.


To fundraise for a charity of your choice (through our Grassrootz platform) or via the Movember Foundation, make sure you set this up during your event registration process (via our home page link).  Please click the following link to check out what charities are involved and a current fundraising tally for this year via our Grassrootz online platform https://pointtopinnacle2023.grassrootz.com/

Fundraising has been an optional part of the Point to Pinnacle since 2012. We encourage you to consider fundraising as part of your Point to Pinnacle OR Point to Pub experience this year. Fundraising is a great way to help someone else overcome their personal mountains while you train and take on yours

This is the 12th year P2P has worked with our event charity partner Movember and also through our online platform (Grassrootz) to open up fundraising opportunities to all entrants.


Grassrootz Fundraising

Movember Fundraising


































Total $1,490,481


Funds raised over the last 11 years through our online platform  (Grassrootz) for a variety of charities has now totalled $1,490,481 and through Movember (raising funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental Health) have also raised $1,212,149.  The Mobart Mobros group have been a major driving force behind this outstanding total and we would like to thank and encourage them to continue their amazing work for this great cause.

It is easy to see what an amazing and positive difference we can all make to others if we help raise some much needed funds for a cause close to our hearts.

We are extremely proud of the P2P fundraising tally since we moved in this direction 11 years ago and in this short time have managed to raise a collective $2,702,630 for a wide range of charities and organisations.

This year we have also partnered with Carries Beanies 4 Brain Cancer (CB4BC), with the aim being to raise significant funds for brain cancer research. We hope many of you will join the CB4BC team and be a part of the fundraising journey this year.

We encourage you to raise as much as you possibly can, encourage others to get involved in raising funds and hope to collectively raise over $500,000 again in 2022.

Please set up your Grassrootz Fundraising Page as a part of your registration process and then the links provided in your confirmation of registration email.

Check out the Event Booklet for further information on fundraising and fundraising tips and ideas.

Latest News

Nedd Brockmann Book Signing at The Running Edge

Race bib collection has already started at the The Running Edge (73 Murray Street Hobart). Grab your copy of ‘Showing Up’ by Nedd Brockmann this Saturday, November 18th, at The Running Edge during race-bib collection. $5 from each purchase will be donated to We Are Mobilise, and another $5 will support Carrie’s Beanies for Brain […]

Point to Pinnacle Overeem Whisky Charity Project

Today we launched the Point to Pinnacle Overeem Whisky Charity Project. This is a 3 year project which started on race day last year when a 60L barrel was filled and will play out over the next 2 years as the barrel is pushed to the Pinnacle and then bottled to be auctioned off in […]

Road Closures 2023

PUBLIC NOTICE – POINT TO PINNACLE & POINT TO PUB   TRAFFIC DISRUPTION – SUNDAY 19 NOVEMBER 2023 On Sunday 19th November 2023, the annual Point to Pinnacle Run and Walk will be held in the Sandy Bay, South Hobart and Mt Wellington area. This event will commence at Wrest Point Casino at 7.00am for Pinnacle […]

Major Collaboration for Brain Cancer Research

Over the last few months we have been working closely with one of our charity partners Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Foundation to establish a collaboration with Menzies Institute for Medical Research and Royal Hobart Hospital and the Brain Cancer Centre. This collaboration will enable research to look at genetic links behind brain cancer & […]

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What time do we start?

  • 7.00am – 21.1km Point to Pinnacle Walk & 10km Point to Pub Walk
  • 8.00am – 21.1km Point to Pinnacle Run & 10km Point to Pub Run

Are there drinks stations on the course?

Yes, there are several drink stations along the course. See Event Booklet for locations.

Am I allowed to run in the Point to Pinnacle walk?

NO. Tasmania Police and event officials enforce a walk don’t run rule so that traffic management timings can be adhered to.

Am I allowed to walk in the Point to Pinnacle run?

YES, you can run, jog or walk at any stage in the run as long as you meet all timing cut offs along the course. See the Event Booklet for time cut offs.

Am I allowed to walk in the Point to Pub?

YES, all walkers for the Point to Pub start at 7:00am with the Point to Pinnacle Walkers.

What happens if I do not make the 11:40 am time cut off at the Pinnacle?

Final buses will start moving down the mountain and Tasmania Police will ask you to hop onto a bus to be returned to Wrest Point.

How do we get back from the Pinnacle?

Buses are provided as part of your race entry to transport you from the finish on the Pinnacle back to the start at Wrest Point.

How old do you have to be to participate in the Point to Pinnacle & Point to Pub?

Walkers must have turned 12 by event day. Runners must have turned 14 by event day. No age restriction on the Point to Pub (Under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult).

Can spectators get to the Pinnacle?

We only have one spectator bus that travels to the Pinnacle (50 tickets), one spectator bus that travels to the Springs (50 tickets) and one spectator bus that travels to the Fern Tree Tavern (for the Point to Pub). Spectators can drive to the Fern Tree Tavern to pick up runners/walkers in the Point to Pub from 10.00am.

Are there gear buses to get warm clothing to the finish?

Yes gear buses are available from 6.15am on race morning near the start line. The Walkers gear buses will depart at 6.45am and the Runners gear buses will depart at 7.45am to take your spare gear bags to the Pinnacle & The Pub, so they are there when you finish.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are available and we also have a cancellation policy, please go to the Event Booklet for more information.

How do I complete a transfer of events?

You can complete a transfer between events (from Pinnacle to Pub or Pub to Pinnacle) through a “transfer” click button on the event registration landing page or through your confirmation of registration email that you received when you entered.

Where do I pick up my event bag / number bib?

You can collect your event bag / number bib from The Running Edge (73 Murray Street Hobart) from 9.00am on Wednesday 8th November until 3.00pm on Saturday 18th November 2023. You can also collect it from the Foyer outside the Tasman room at Wrest Point from 6.00am on race day, but we encourage everyone to collect them before then to avoid queues.

Can I drive up to the Pinnacle to watch the finish?

NO, traffic is not allowed on the mountain whilst the race is in progress and there is no parking due to the 65 buses parked on the Pinnacle.

Can I use walking poles?

Yes, you can use walking poles in the Point to Pinnacle and Point to Pub events

When is next year's Point to Pinnacle?

The Point to Pinnacle is held on the 3rd Sunday in November each year.

Therefore the next 5 event dates are as follows:

2023 – 19th November

2024 – 17th November

2025 – 16th November (30th Anniversary)

2026 – 15th November

2027 – 21st November

Will there be pace runners?

Pacer Applications are managed by the Tasmanian Road Runners (TRR).

On the day each ‘TRR Angel’ will be easily identifiable in their ‘TRR Angel’ tops with their pace time clearly visible on a flag attached to their back.

TRR also organise ‘Foot Soldiers’ whose job it is to come last.

If you are interested in acting in either role, please contact TRR directly before registering.

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