Point to Pinnacle & Overeem Whisky Project

We would love to share with you all a unique story & project we will be working on over the next 3 years to help celebrate the history of running to the pinnacle of Kunanyi / Mount Wellington.
The first known race to the Pinnacle happened in 1903 when 39 brave souls took on a ‘go as you please race’ to the Pinnacle. The race was sponsored by a whisky company and held in treacherous conditions.
In recognition of this history the Point to Pinnacle has partnered with Overeem Whisky, a family-owned, premium Tasmanian Whisky Company, and last year on race day, they filled and generously donated a 50L barrel of whisky.
The P2P barrel will now be pushed up the mountain over the next 2 years and will then be bottled on maturation and auctioned off for charity as part of our 30th anniversary event in 2025.
This journey is just beginning…